44 mins







Janice McKay

Manage Your Own PR - The Cheap and Easy Way!

Expected learning & outcomes

How to land media coverage the easy way

Skills you will learn

Budgeting, Communication, Instagram, Media, Positioning, Storytelling, Strategy, Training, Video

About this course

Take control of your own media coverage fast and on a shoestring budget.

Media Magic is for anyone wanting to supercharge their storytelling and learn how the media works.

Discover 45 minutes’ worth of video tutorials ranging from 1 to 10 minutes long. With my 18 downloadable resources and video training you'll learn how to land some big PR wins – from traditional print, TV and radio to You Tube and Instagram influencers.

Through my video lectures I give you foundations for:

  • High level communication strategy + positioning

  • Your PR Plan for the next 6-12 months

  • Building a media list specific to your niche

  • How to cold outreach + pitch the media

  • Media interview preparation

  • Mobile & visual storytelling

  • My very own real life client case studies you can model from


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