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Rose Brandolino

meSE is the industry leader in Sales Engineering certification programs

Expected learning & outcomes

Apply for the industry leading meSE Sales Engineering Certification

Skills you will learn

Lecturing, Organization, Presentation, Presentation skills, Strategy, Technical sales

About this course

Sales Engineers (SE's) are a critical sales team member in many companies worldwide. They are more than just technical experts in their respective industries. Highly successful SE's must build and maintain parallel expertise in "soft-skill" disciplines such as business acumen, presentation skills, building customer relationships, developing an engagement strategy, and having a thorough understanding of the targeted industry. There is a "soft-skill gap" that exists in many Sales Engineering organizations. This "gap" can be the driving difference between a highly successful technical sales organization and a mediocre one. The meSE education and certification program is focused on closing this "gap", enhancing the SE skills in these areas, and proving proficiency.


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