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Design, configure, and build your cloud-based infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Manage resources and access your services with the help of Azure Portal
  • Know how to start, stop, and deploy your virtual machines in Azure
  • Work with different storage options and policies for your Azure cloud
  • Manage storage tasks between on-premise devices and cloud with StorSimple
  • Host your resources in the cloud with Operations Management Suite
  • Automate, edit, and test your hybrid cloud with Azure Automation Runbooks
  • Deliver high-bandwidth content with Azure CDN and Akamai
  • Develop databases with Azure Table Storage
  • Leverage Azure Redis Cache as a Service for high throughput and low latency
  • Discover and consume enterprise data assets with Azure Data Catalog

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, APIs, Automation, Backup & Restore, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Configuration Management, Data processing, Database Management, Disaster Recovery Plan, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Networks, NOSQL, Reporting

    About this course

    Cloud Computing has changed the way you look at and understand the IT infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including those for compute, analytics, storage, and networking. You can pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications, in the public cloud. If you wish to dive into cloud development and management to design, configure, and build your cloud-based infrastructure using various services offered by Microsoft Azure, then go for this Learning Path.


    This  comprehensive 3-in-1 course  equips you with the practical know-how of managing various Azure Services for effective business over the cloud. You will be taken through the core of Infrastructure as a Service (IaSS) with Microsoft Azure to leverage different services offered by it. You will then learn different hybrid solutions used in Azure to build your own fully functional hybrid cloud management with Operations Management Suite. You will also master Azure services to build Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud wherein you will be able to configure your web and API applications, and manage and test application performance. Finally, you will learn to make use of Database as a Service (DaaS) to know about the various databases with Azure.


    This training program includes 3 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.


    The first course, Infrastructure as a Service Solutions with Azure, starts off with an introduction to the core of Infrastructure as a Service with Microsoft Azure, and equips you with the practical know how to manage various Azure Services for effective business over the cloud. You will then dive into Subscription and Resource Management in Azure, and learn to work with various resource groups and policies through the Azure Portal. You will also explore Azure Storage services, and employ various storage options for your virtual machines that work best for your business. Next, you will learn Azure Networking, set up your virtual networks, control network traffic with the help of Azure Traffic Manager and Security Groups, and host your domain name server with Azure DNS. Finally, you will learn to leverage Azure Compute, work with Azure Virtual Machines, and download specialized virtual machines from the Azure Marketplace as per your business requirements.


    In the second course, Hybrid Operational Management with Azure,  you will explore different hybrid solutions using Azure, learn to simplify your cloud deployment with Azure stack, and host resources on the cloud with Microsoft OMS. You will then dive into OMS recovery services, work with different Azure Backup policies and types, and also disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery. You will work with OMS Automation and Configuration Management, and automate and run your cloud with the help of Azure Automation runbooks. Next, you will learn to analyze your project logs and report any failures with the help of different custom logging and alert management solutions. Finally, you will get ready to set up, manage, and monitor your hybrid cloud performance with Microsoft Azure and Operations Management Suite.


    The third course, Azure Platform as a Service – Web and API Application Deployment, starts off by exploring Azure App Services and explaining you how to work with supported application types based on different parameters such as languages and functions. You will then learn to configure, publish, secure, and analyze your application APIs with Azure API management. You will also learn to leverage Database as a Service in Azure, and work with different options for database management and also different types of databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Next, you will learn to develop NoSQL databases with the help of Azure Table Storage. Finally, you will delve into Data Processing as a Service, and learn how to create custom searches for your application, enable messaging between applications and services, and work with data using Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Catalog.

    By the end of this Learning Path, you will be able to design, configure, and build your cloud-based infrastructure using various services offered by Microsoft Azure.

    Meet Your Expert(s):

    We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth:

    • Brian Christopher Harrison has been involved with Microsoft Azure since 2012, and is currently a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft. He has been involved in Microsoft training, has actively blogged and spoke about Azure on Microsoft's site, and also has his own screencasts.


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