8.5 hours







Simon Sez IT

Expert taught MS Project 2019 Course aimed at complete beginners with follow-along project exercise

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Apply your skills with follow-along practice exercise files
  • Discover how to work with costs, deadlines, and overcome scheduling issues
  • Learn about resource allocation and leveling
  • Learn how to measure a project against a baseline project
  • Learn to use safeguards and restrictions
  • Master interim plans and baselines
  • Learn how to save your project as a template for future projects
  • And so much more!

    Skills you will learn

    Budgeting, Microsoft Project, MS Project, Professional, Project Management, Punctual, Reporting, Scheduling, Video

    About this course

    **Course includes practice exercise files, LIFETIME access and is covered by the Udemy money-back guarantee**

    Conquer your projects and deliver on-time and on-budget by mastering Microsoft Project 2019.

    If you're a Project Manager and you haven't yet mastered Microsoft Project, we have you covered with this Microsoft Project 2019 online course for complete beginners.

    Whether your project is big or small, business or personal, there are so many many ways that Microsoft Project can ensure project success. Harness the power of MS Project 2019 and become a project master.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The MS Project Workspace, The Ribbon, Help and Project Options

    • To navigate project calendars, timelines and critical paths

    • How to set-up tasks and dependencies between them, including lag and lead times

    • Managing project costs, leveling and how to resolve resource over-allocations

    • Project security, saving and protecting Project files

    • Useful techniques for tracing task paths to simplify unruly Gantt charts

    • About setting up baselines and interim plans

    • How to work with costs, deadlines and overcome scheduling issues

    • To save your project as a template for future projects

    ***Exercise and demo files included***

    This course includes:

    1. 8.5-hours of video tutorials

    2. 56 individual video lectures

    3. Exercise files to practice what you learned

    4. Demo files used by the trainer

    5. Certificate of completion

    This course is designed for students that are new to Microsoft Project 2019 or who are upgrading from a previous version and want to keep up to date with Project 2019 developments. If you’re brand new to MS Project or Project Management this course is perfect for you as our expert author guides you through the important areas of this incredibly useful project management tool.

    Contents and Overview

    This course starts right at the very beginning. It doesn't assume you know anything about Microsoft Project, so beginners will feel right at home.

    The first video lesson introduces you to the software. You'll learn how to get your own copy of Project 2019, and see what's new in version 2019.

    The second chapter takes on the basics you need to begin using Project 2019. It looks at creating a Workspace, using Toolbars, Ribbons and the Status Bar.

    Continue on as you learn how to use Task basics and Project Options. We then dive into the various aspects of managing a project including setting up your timeline and Gantt chart.

    As we get more advanced, we start to look at Tracking Costs, Tracking the Project, Budgeting and Reporting.

    Each topic is explained with its own professional video that shows you in detail how to properly use the function. With 8 hours including in this course you'll get a comprehensive grounding in MS Project 2019.


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