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Testing World

Bug Tracking Debugging Realtime Process Agile Methodology

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Ready to test android application on real devices or emulators
  • Ready to face interviews in Mobile Testing Domain

    Skills you will learn

    Agile, Agile Methodologies, Agile Methodology, Android, Automation, C# programming, C++ programming, Debugging, Development, Distribution, Hardware, HTML5, iOS, Manual Testing, Mobile Applications

    About this course

    Mobile application testing is a process by which developer developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.Mobile application testing can be automated or manual type of testing. Mobile applications either come pre-installed or can be installed from mobile software distribution platforms. Mobile devices have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years. A study conducted by the Yankee Group predicts the generation of $4.2 billion in revenue by 2013 through 7 billion U.S. smartphone app downloads.

    This Course going to cover following testing approaches

    #1. Hardware testing:

    The device including the internal processors, internal hardware, screen sizes, resolution, space or memory, camera, radio, Bluetooth, WIFI etc. This is sometimes referred to as, simple “Mobile Testing”.

    #2. Software or Application testing:

    The applications that work on mobile devices and their functionality is tested. It is called the “Mobile Application Testing” to differentiate it from the earlier method. Even in the mobile applications, there are few basic differences that are important to understand:

    a) Native apps: A native application is created for use on a platform like mobile and tablets.
    b) Mobile web apps are server-side apps to access website/s on mobile using different browsers like chrome, Firefox by connecting to a mobile network or wireless network like WIFI.
    c) Hybrid apps are combinations of native app and web app. They run on devices or offline and are written using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS.


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