2 hours







TEST4U Testing, Training, Evaluation Platform

14 Projects, 54 Assignments with video solutions, 445 Assignments with instant assessment using the TEST4U application

Expected learning & outcomes

By completion of the course and all the practice questions provided in the accompanying TEST4U software, the students will be well prepared to take the MOS 77-725 exam

Skills you will learn

Concentration, Confidence, Training, Video

About this course

---- Last update June 2019 ----

Added additional project assignments

---- Update March 2019 ----

Added additional assignments

Hi there and welcome to our MOS examination training course.

By participating in this course, you are one step closer to taking the exam with confidence.

In this course we have focused on the practical side.

You will find 3 lectures in this course.

• The BONUS lecture,

• one lecture explaining the examination procedure

• and one lecture describing the multi-project questions that are used in MOS examinations since office 2016.

This course consists of assignments that cover the majority of the MOS syllabus, and our secret weapon: the TEST4U training platform.

We offer a free subscription to TEST4U as part of our course to anyone who enrolls.

Installation of the TEST4U software is optional but we highly recommend it.

Inside TEST4U you will find hundreds of assignments, categorized per syllabus skill. These assignments are instantly graded by our advanced TEST4U software. If you have solved an assignment incorrectly you are able to watch a video solution of the correct way to complete it.

Since the release of Office 2016, Microsoft introduced a new kind of examination. This examination consists of one multi-project question. We will describe and explain this new examination process in a following lecture.

We have also included an example question that consists of multiple projects. Each project is in the form of an assignment.

The whole TEST4U experience, is designed in such a way, to match the official MOS examination. The TEST4U software mimics the MOS exam environment, to help you become familiar with it.

The project assignments that we have included in TEST4U is the way you will be 100% ready for the exam, because they look like the ones you will face during the examination.

All the assignments and the multi-project questions are instantly assessed, and a video-solution is available every time your answer is incorrect. After all, more than 700.000 users have trusted TEST4U for a good reason! Don’t let the TEST4U advantage slip out of your hand!

So, to summarize:

• This is a practice course.

• It includes only a few lectures, but dozens of assignments.

• We focus on the fun and engaging staff, to help you gain the required set of skills for the MOS exam.

This course will teach you the skills by letting you get your hands dirty and practice on everything, using the real Microsoft applications.

• And most important, it will provide you with TEST4U, a tool that instantly and automatically assesses your answers.

If you feel this is the course for you, then we would like to welcome you to our family.

We are confident that with our help and your hard work, you are set to succeed in the MOS exam.


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