3 hours



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Matthew Barnett

Join with Matt Barnett - in discovering the power of your unconscious mind and the NLP techniques that you can use

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Embrace the automatic goal achievement mechanism that lies within
  • Take action knowing that it will lead to amazing results
  • Learn anchoring - to take control of your feelings and emotions at any time
  • Learn the Key components to an achievable outcome so that you can confidently take on any goal or project
  • Be more confident and assured by taking control of your state

    Skills you will learn

    Coaching, Goal Setting, Natural Language Processing, Neuro linguistic Programming, Pilot, Programming

    About this course

    In this engaging Introduction to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. Matt Banett - Author Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP will show you.

    1. How to think differently to supercharge your effectiveness through understanding perception  
    2. Take action that leads to massive results in your life 
    3. How to take on the Principals of Success that practically assure you will hit your goals
    4. Learn about your unconscious mind - your automatic Goal Getter that will work to realise your dreams on auto pilot
    5. Get insight into some of the core skills and tools of an NLP Practitioner

    This is an Introduction to NLP and its a comprehensive one ! which will give you everything you need to start the process of taking control of your results and achieving your goals. 


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