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Felecia Mhonda

Installation guide to Oracle Database and SQL Developer.Creating users in SQL PLUS and granting them privileges.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • create an Oracle account.
  • use different ways to download software from an Oracle website.
  • create folders.
  • uncompress files and to extract files.
  • edit environment variables.
  • install an Oracle Database.
  • verify installation of an Oracle database.
  • start and stop Oracle services.
  • identify Oracle database home path and TNSNAMES path.
  • log into database using SQL PLUS.
  • create database users.
  • unlock a database user.
  • give privileges to users.
  • install SQL Developer.
  • create connections in SQL Developer.

    Skills you will learn

    Architecture, Business Intelligence, Development, Hardware, Oracle, SQL

    About this course

    This course is a must have course for everyone who is or intending to go into a field that uses data. It is the foundation, whether you want to go into business intelligence or learn learn Oracle SQL, go into data warehousing or becoming an ETL developer or architecture. It gives you the installation of a database on your platform. You do not need any prior experience. I have structured the course in steps that everyone from beginner to expert level, should be able to follow. The modules are in the following order:

    • Hardware and software requirements
    • Creating Oracle account
    • Downloading software
    • Extracting files
    • Checking Enviroment variables
    • Installing Oracle Database 12c
    • Verifying database installation - checking services, tnsnames.ora file and database files
    • Using SQLPLus
    • Creating users and granting them privileges
    • Downloading SQL Developer installation files
    • Installing SQL Developer
    • Creating Connections in SQL Developer


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