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Adrienne Zoble

How to Save 85% on your Marketing Costs

Expected learning & outcomes

  • To decrease one’s marketing costs
  • To market efficiently

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Investments, Marketing, Swift, Targeting

    About this course

    It's easy to become confused by all of the possible marketing strategies, which basically fall into the categories of Unknown to Unknown, Known to Unknown and Known to Known. The latter two categories contain the most effective strategies. "102 Ways to Grow your Business" emphasizes paying attention to those who already who you are. How many people in these categories, while knowing you to some extent, know what you actually o? How well are you targeting these people, instead of venturing into the Vast Unknown?

    People buy from you, because they have confidence in, are comfortable with and trust you. You can further these positive emotions (yes, marketing is emotional, not logical) through face-to-face and voice-to-voice marketing. Email, while it has its uses, can be too impersonal.

    If you're feeling frustrated by the lack of response to your marketing efforts, this course will teach you how to market smart and realize a quick return on your marketing investments of money, people and time.


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