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K. A. Keener

Write your next essay under a tight deadline! Overcome Writer's Block!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • write a draft of a paper in a minimum amount of time
  • overcome their procrastination
  • learn a style of writing introductions and conclusions
  • discover a new writing process much more effective than the standard writing process taught in schools

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Swift, Writing

    About this course

    Just updated with an opening module on how to disrupt your procrastination by understanding the psychology behind it!  Including five helpful self-hacks to get you going!  

    Learn how to start!

    Learn how to finish!

    Learn how to write your paper without even realizing you are in the middle of writing it!  

    Developed over several years to help struggling, procrastinating students write a draft for a paper under a tight deadline, this course can revolutionize the way you approach writing.

    Find a method that talks back to your self-doubt that is fueling your procrastination!  

    This method was developed over a period of four years working with students who were the ultimate procrastinators—at-risk high school students in challenging New York City neighbors.  After years of struggling, these students learned this method of breaking through their procrastination and writer's block to write their first drafts.  

    Anyone who struggles with how to start a paper or who always puts off paper writing until the absolute last minute will benefit from this method.  

    The videos are very short by design.  If you've been procrastinating you don't have a lot of time!  This is a quick guide with easy to follow steps and additional resources to help you if you get stuck.  


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