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Corey Mousseau

Skills you will learn

Animation, Physics, Teaching

About this course

Physics is all about the world around us.  We live and experience physics every moment of our lives.  For most, we take physics for granted and never really truly understand how this amazing world works.  

To be honest, I fundamentally believe every single human should have a basic understanding of physics.  This is especially true for anyone working or aspiring to work in any field even remotely connected to the STEM world.  This includes obvious professions such as scientists, engineers, and doctors, though also include many surprise fields such as law enforcement, athletic anything, computer science (and all related fields), law, animation, and much more.  

This course is the beginning of it all, the absolute foundation for physics, 1 dimensional kinematics.  Specifically, I cover the topics of scalars/vectors, distance/displacement, and speed/velocity.  

I am a high school physics teacher by day.  I create the majority of my videos for my own students.  My courses all follow NY State high school physics entirely, as well as the nationally renown AP Physics 1 & 2 curriculum.  AP physics is exactly the same thing as any algebra based college intro physics course.  

The complete order in which my courses covering 1D and 2D Kinematics are as follows:

Below you will find a link to the first course within each major topic for physics I have shared.  I have them listed in the order in which you should complete them.  

Physics - Kinematics

Physics - Dynamics

Physics - Work, Energy, and Power

Physics - Momentum

Physics - Static Electricity (Electrostatics)

Physics - Electromagnetism

Physics - Periodic Motion (Simple Harmonic Motion)

Physics - Waves and Sound

Physics - Optics

Physics - Modern Physics

Regents Review in Physics - Complete review for NY State Regents Physics


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