3 hours







Alberto Ferrari

Marco Russo

Learn the DAX language to improve Power Pivot models and publish them on Power BI or SharePoint.

Expected learning & outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to write DAX expressions performing calculations such as Ratio-to-Parent, Year-to-Date, Year-Over-Year and so on.

Skills you will learn

Business Intelligence, Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint

About this course

The Intermediate course improves your skills on Power Pivot for Excel, introducing you to the DAX language and important features such as CALCULATE and Time Intelligence functions.

The course includes 3 hours of video in 19 lectures. You need a minimal experience of Power Pivot, or you should take the Beginner course before this one.

Sections included in this course:

  • DAX Language
  • Table Functions and CALCULATE
  • Basic Time Intelligence
  • Power BI and SharePoint

After this course, we suggest you to take the Power Pivot Workshop Advanced one.


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