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Learn to build enterprise level apps by consuming APIs online using URLSession, URLSessionTasks, Alamofire, Codable

Expected learning & outcomes

  • iOS Networking
  • JSON Parsing
  • Consuming REST APIs Online
  • Using URLSession and Alamofire to develop iOS apps
  • Develop Complete Fandango Like Movie App

    Skills you will learn

    APIs, Architecture, Communication, iOS, Professional, Programming, Rest APIs

    About this course

    Phones are becoming the most important part of your personal and professional life. It doesn't matter how simple your app is, it is essential  for any app to seamlessly interact with the Internet or with other phones across the room connected via internet. This course provides a compilation of methods to accomplish this level of connectivity with examples and best practices for each of these methods.

    The Client-Server model dictates that the server component is to be designed in such a way that it can facilitate communication with one or more clients. This is a widely prevalent architecture that we employ in designing products and services and it’s not alien to iOS clients that we build today. On the iOS platform, we have a variety of frameworks assisting in accomplishing various things without having to rely on third-party frameworks. This includes communicating with the server whenever necessary without affecting performance of your app. This course will explain all the important aspects of network programming. You will also build a complete app which will not only cover best practices but enterprise level app design as well.

    You will also learn to integrate OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 into your iOS apps.


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