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Lindsay Marsh

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Pricing, Swift

About this course

Have you ever wondered where to even begin to start pricing a freelance project. Have you ever submitted a quote to a client and wondered if you charged too much? Or charged to little and been nervous about the outcome?

Join me for a quick enjoyable class that gives you the basic framework to price any freelance project.

There are several factors at play that determine that right price for a project. We will discover your skill and experience level, size up your potential client and talk about how your project exposure factors into your pricing.

We will do practice quotes along the way to help you see how these factors apply to your pricing.

After this class, you will feel very confident in pricing your freelance projects and feel like you have a system or framework in place to determine a price that is right for you and acceptable by the client.

So, let’s learn about how to price yourself as a freelancer!



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