2 hours







Huw Collingbourne

Develop a screen-grab tool using C# and the Windows API

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Develop a functional and useful screen-grab tool.
  • Understand how to import Windows API functions.
  • Be able to deal with screen-handling even on multi-monitor systems.
  • Understand hotkeys that trigger actions throughout Windows.
  • Understand the Windows Procedure (WndProc).

    Skills you will learn

    C# programming, C++ programming, Development

    About this course

    Create a screen-capture tool in C#. In this course you will follow the development of a complete project from the ground up. You will end up with a utility that grabs images from screen and saves them to disk in multiple image formats.

    In this course you will develop programs that do all the following:

    • Grab an image of the entire screen
    • Grab an image of a selected window
    • Grab an image from a second or third monitor
    • Mark an area of the screen with the mouse and grab that area
    • Add an image of the mouse pointer to grabbed images
    • Calculate screen coordinates and offsets
    • Save images to disk in various image formats
    • Create hotkeys to trigger the screen-capture from any application
    • Use forms and picture boxes to display images
    • Use Windows API functions to add extra features to C#
    • Use file dialogs to save and load images
    • Create transparent and translucent windows
    • Make forms draggable using API functions
    • Override the Windows Procedure to handle events

    This is a project-based course that comes with all the source code ready-to-run. It provides a great way for C# programmers to move beyond the basics to explore the development of more complex  C# applications.


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