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Nicolas Scheel

A motivated project team and excellent collaboration are the key to successful projects

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to motivate your team! Create an environment that fosters motivation and high performance!
  • Get ideas on how to improve collaboration! Get rid of detailed - but useless - process documentation and start communicating.
  • Receive food for thought on how to deliver successful projects!

    Skills you will learn

    Collaboration, Communication, Documentation, Food, Leadership, Motivation, Organization, Project Management

    About this course

    I love working in projects. They resemble the future, innovation, and change. And they deliver massive value for companies. Continuous personal growth, working in a team and having fun at work are important to me.

    But traditional project management approaches don’t work. Milestones are missed. Risks are ignored. Processes are not defined. Projects get into precarious situations, team members are doing “business as usual”, and the fun is disappearing.

    But things do not need to be like this: Motivated team members and excellent collaboration lead to successful projects!

    In order to motivate your team members and improve collaboration, you’ll need to change the status quo. Quite often, this leads to a lack of understanding and refusal. So it’s even more important that you have excellent communication skills, that you are capable of convincing people and drive change through your project and organization.

    Do you want to begin your journey towards successful projects?

    • Do you want to motivate your team members?
    • Do you want to work together in a team?
    • Do you want to convince your team and your organization?

     Do you want to…

    • …think for yourself?
    • …take action for yourself?
    • …have fun?
    • …benefit from my experience?

     Then let’s go together. With food for thought, stories, methods and exercises. I’m looking forward to it!


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