4 hours



Any Level




Tarek Abulnaga

Using Python with Oracle will make the processing performance much better and complex tasks will be done in few lines!!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Working with Oracle Database using Python
  • How to do Oracle DML operations (Insert - Update - Delete) using Python
  • How to call Oracle Procedure / Functions
  • How to Generated formatted Excel Sheet from Oracle DB
  • How to use Multithreading with Oracle DB to have super performance
  • How to send formatted mail using python
  • How to monitor changes in Windows directory
  • How to create Windows service using python

    Skills you will learn

    Big Data, Database Management Systems, Oracle, Programming, Python, SQL

    About this course

    Students that have little knowledge about Oracle SQL/PLSQL and Python, this course will be very useful for them, as using Python with Oracle will make the processing performance much much better as we will see in a lot of examples during the course.

    Why Python?

    Very fast language
    Easy to learn
    Cross platform
    Unlimited third party libraries
    Get your job done with few lines
    Ranked as #1 for the most popular programming languages

    In case of big data python we will be very useful as it has below features:-

    • Bulk DML Operations, so you can hit Oracle DB only one time to insert Bulk of records
    • Process Forking, which enable to run multi instances from the process.
    • Multi Threading which enable you to do parallel processing.
    • Create DLLs and call them from Python and Oracle.
    • Learn how to embedded SQL into DLL.
    • Learn how to create Windows Service from python.
    • Many Many More!!


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