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Jason Keiller

About this course

When taking this course you benefit from my 21 years in the real estate profession. The majority of agents quit the real estate sale profession within 24 months of starting. In this course I teach you all the things to watch out for and to glean on to make a strong start int real estate sales and how to last the distance! 

My sessions offered are comprehensive and tackle the day to day challenges of starting out and working through the basic you would not normally be informed about. Included in the course is my top performing prospecting letter which works really well even in the modern internet age.

My course offers you 17 lesson topics covering everything you need to know to launch your career. Take this course if you want to have a career that starts strong and you want to make a long term career in the industry with points you will remember for years to come.

What you’ll learn

  • Be better informed on who to work for
  • Feel more confident in starting out your career
  • Make improved decisions in all areas of the sales role

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Take the course at your own pace, there is a lot packed in but it will boost your start

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you want the extra advantage
  • Build a stronger career faster


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