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Brion Hurley

Learn about a Lean event format to help you reduce environmental impacts at your facility by engaging employees!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Explain what a WASTE walk is and why they are effective
  • Understand how the WASTE acronym can help identify environmental opportunities
  • Conduct a WASTE walk using the 4 step process (Prepare, Event, Combine, Decide)
  • Fill out the WASTE Walk Planning Worksheet to plan an event
  • Learn about 3 different event types to address environmental wastes (Water Walk, Dumpster Dive and Energy Walk)
  • Prioritize employee ideas using the Impact Ease Matrix
  • Select the top 3 ideas using multivoting techniques with a team
  • Conduct a WASTE walk in your company, organization or agency with little to no prior experience

    Skills you will learn

    Organization, Planning, Training

    About this course

    We will discuss a lean approach to reducing and conserving environmental impacts in your facility or a business you work with. The WASTE Walk is an approach to engage employees and co-workers in identifying simple, "low-hanging fruit" environmental wastes occurring in your processes. This "gemba walk" event format can help you reduce costs and save money, reduce carbon emissions and health risks in the community, improve the reputation of the organization, and become good stewards of the environment. No prior lean experience needed. Three different types of events will be discussed: Water Walk, Dumpster Dive and Energy Walk. Included in the training are templates for planning your WASTE Walk, and an Impact-Ease Matrix to prioritize ideas.

    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to plan and conduct a simple WASTE walk to help a business reduce trash, energy or water usage and save money.

    Course Length: 48 minutes


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