34 mins







Gurmeet Singh Dang

Create Digital Music using Roli Songmaker Kit, Blocks & Noise. Remove background without green screen using Chromacam

Expected learning & outcomes

You will learn that how to make Digital Music or how to use ROLI Songmaker which includes Seaboard, Lightpad & Loop Block. You will also learn how to use Noise App. Section 2 will teach that how to use Chromacam to remove background without a green screen.

Skills you will learn

Media, Music, Professional, Social Media

About this course

Section 1 will teach you that how to create Digital Music using Roli Songmaker kit & Apple MacBook Pro or Windows PC & Iphone Xs Max & Noise App.

You will also find demo using GarageBand & Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block & Loop Block but you can use any other DAW like Ableton Live 10 or FL Studio or Logic Pro X etc.

You will also that how you can take the use of Noise App to make music using Mobile & Roli Songmaker kit.

Section 2 will teach you that how to use Chromacam to remove background without a green screen for professional live streaming of Games or any other useful content on Social Media, to teach Online, to create Video Tutorials or any Learning Material etc.


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