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Spice up your playing with advanced piano runs! Enjoy fun contemporary keyboard lessons

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Play professional modern piano runs and fills
  • Develop a core of go to piano runs and fills
  • Understand how runs and fills work and where to use them

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Spice up your playing with impressive modern piano runs!

    This course teaches the intermediate pianist how to execute essential piano runs and fills. These are the core piano runs and fills every pianist should know.  

    I haven't seen a lot of material out there on this topic.  A lot of people learn runs from watching other pianists play.  People also invent their own runs a lot of the time.

    This course goes over what I think are the "core" and "essential" piano runs that every pianist should have in their arsenal.

    We go over the the different types of glissando runs, the core one handed, two handed, and 1.5 handed runs, and the interval and chordal runs.

    I show you examples of how I use these runs in a songs.  Each lecture takes you to a different type of run, and shows you the mechanics of that run.

    You should take this course if you want to spice up your playing with fun, flashy runs.


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