1 hour






Raise your self esteem effortlessly and improve every aspect of your life

Expected learning & outcomes

  • - Raise your self esteem
  • - Feel lighter and more confident
  • - become more assertive
  • - improve your daily interactions with workers, coworkers, and your boss
  • - improve your relationship with everyone including yourself
  • - feel good about your body
  • - improve your finances
  • - improve your social life
  • - improve your romantic life
  • - Love yourself unconditionally
  • - dare to do things you never thought was possible
  • - Make everyday day be the best day

    Skills you will learn

    Goal Setting

    About this course

    Elana Michelson PhD has been working for the past  7 years helping thousands of people realise their bliss.  She has tested her techniques on many of her clients and has witnessed many of her clients change their lives during the course of her work with them.

    While following Elana's instructions  you will gain the knowledge of how to   

    transform every part of your life.

    You will learn how to Release the self talk that holds you back, and Allow yourself to soar higher than you ever imagined possible. 

    You will have the keys to improve every relationship in your life including the most important one- the one with yourself.

    You will reach new heights within  your social, romantic and professional life.

    You will allow yourself to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight.

    You will become  Happy & Fulfilled In every Area Of Your Life   

    As you raise your self esteem you will Set & Achieve Higher Goals To Make More Money, and improve the quality of your life and those you love.

    You will get  the courage to make things happen, to get the life you want

    You will have the courage to do what you really want to do in your life   

    You will be able to inspire people you love to live a better life & be happy with every aspect of their life

    Enroll in this 1 hour beginners course  to Raise Your Self Esteem and begin your journey to success.


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