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Sahrish Gull

Become a successful screenwriting master, Give way to your Imagination with Scriptwriting. Start Freelance Copywriting

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Become expert in screenwriting i.e. write screenplays, sitcoms, scripts, plays
  • content management and how the entire flow of screenwriting works
  • write dialogues
  • environmentally compatible content and characters

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, C# programming, C++ programming, Content Management, Copywriting, Recipes, Screenwriting, Writing

    About this course

    Screenwriting is a talent and mastery, Forming characters, playing with scenarios, depicting scenes with words, no one else can do this except a person having mastery of screenwriting. what other people say about this course

    “Worth spending, the best thing is structure, step by step progress towards completion”

    “Great content. I like the way you presented the four steps of writing the story. Second thing is your assignment section. Lots of practice. Worth my time”

    An expert in screenwriting niche has capability to create the flow of words in a way that take the imagination of an individual to his extreme. However, during scriptwriting process, apart from story, one has to come up with certain rules and to become successful in Screenwriting industry, one has to follow all these rules strictly. Keeping all these rules in view, I have developed the content of this course especially for people who want to make their career within Screenwriting industry.

    You have to take initiatives for studying the basic rules of scriptwriting if you want to become a successful in screenwriting industry, whether in the industry or as a freelance writer.     



    • Be responsible towards taking every lecture for complete results
    • Practice makes a man perfect. So the more you practice, the more you win the game
    • You must be imaginative
    • You must have skills of developing story and scenario
    • Your participation in course assignment is necessary for certificate of completion

    Have you Ever wonder how people are able to set up their career in screenwriting industry within no time? There is no secret recipe behind this but application of few techniques which I have promulgated in this course.

    What you will learn in this course is

    • Techniques to create high quality script
    • Information on basic and advance level elements of a script
    • Different genres of Screenwriting
    • Techniques ro make your work exceptional

    And much more…

    Why trust me…

    I am an established freelancer and started my career as a writer. The positive thing is that I have worked as a writer and know how to play with content and put the ideas on paper. The secret behind the success of a script writer within screenwriting industry is hard work and dedication to follow a said pattern liked by general audience.

    Ending notes:

    While creating this course, Sara R. helped me in voice narration. The course is developed by me but voice narration is done by Sara. I personally thank to her for helping me in doing this work for me.



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