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Walter Serdville

Skills you will learn

Google+, Research

About this course


Hey, have you ever wanted to become a digital ninja?!
There's ten thousand gazillion different information references on the internet! But how to find what you really to find? I've always been the go-to guy to find something online and I'm here to pass my wisdom on to you. Sounds easy? Well, you'd be surprised how much more there is to finding good resources on the internet!

What You'll Benefit From This Course?

  • Save time from searching
  • Stop from getting sidetracked by irrelevant info
  • Find literally anything online and in less time!
  • Help in academic studies & research
  • Help out family members find what they need
  • Get to pretend to be a digital ninja!

If you happen to use Google often then this course will become extremely handy for you!



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