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Mike Dickson

Amazon's, "Look Inside" option lets readers view the first pages of your book. Hook them with 5 best selling secrets!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • By the end of this course, you will have a clear and actionable understanding of what best-selling authors use in the opening of their stories and how you can use these elements in your own writing.
  • The bonus newspaper method will teach you a system for compiling a never ending list of character and plot ideas.

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Editing, Writing

    About this course

    Don't let Amazon's "Look Inside" option kill your book sales. Use these 5 simple secrets all the Amazon best selling authors use to hook their readers!

    As an Amazon author, researcher, and student of story structure, I've come to notice significant trends in the differences between mediocre book sales and reviews, and the sales of the top echelon authors.

    I've concluded best-selling authors tend to follow a predefined format when delivering the opening of their story to readers and now you can too, and without major editing changes to your current story.

    This predefined format consists of story structure elements that are designed to engage and hook the reader from the onset of the story and keep them reading.

    Through lecture and video examples, I walk you through each element providing a clear delivery of what should and shouldn't be included in the beginning of your story using actionable examples that you can use immediately - and I do this in around 30 thirty minutes.


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