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Leviella Mendel

Master these Must have Sales skills to generate Sales - easy step by step animation videos will guide you through

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Selling -soft skills that will boost your Knowledge about Sales immensely
  • Be a successful Sales associate where ever you go!! in a team or your own
  • Use the Science of Sales efficiently -easy to follow Technics
  • Become the Salesperson you Can be!!!

    Skills you will learn

    Animation, Communication, Goal Setting

    About this course

    Dear Friend,

    Mastering Sales can be hard when you do not have a toolkit or any basic skill-set, however it gets  easy when you follow few simple rules.

    When working as a  Sales person, no matter the industry your in, it is obvious that some are better than others.  Did you ever wondered why?

    • What differentiates the best sales people from their colleagues?

    • What are they doing that make them close more deals, sale more products or getting higher Success rates?

    If you do not know the answer to one of these questions then you came to the right place

    The good news is that these skill can be easily taught.

    This Course will guide you through the most fundamental skills you need to know if you wish to be great sell everything:

    1.How to set Goals

    2.Make the best First impression

    3.How to Build Rapport

    4.How to Uncover the customer's real need

    5.How to make Cold calls to new leads

    6.How to Handle objections in the best way

    7.The Formula for higher closure rates of a sale to use Influential communication   

    These proven methods will not only help you generate more sales but will grant you a much more valuable tool- building long term relationships with your potential customers

    I call it the"science of sales" since when things are done right  -the outcome will be only right. 

    While working with many companies and organizations I've for the past 20 years, I discovered that the Sales people can get better to a certain point without the necessary skills taught, even the most experienced ones can benefit from having a strong and solid basis of Selling skills.

    This course is the exact place to achieve this goal...

    OK, so lets do it!!!


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