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Gus Younis

Skills you will learn

Content Strategy, Marketing, Media, Social Media, Strategy, Twitter

About this course

One of the most challenging tasks for marketers and business owners on social media is figuring out what content to post.

Learn, step-by-step, how to build a social media content strategy that delivers results with marketing and social media strategist Gus Younis.

This course is for all levels. There will be some advanced concepts, but it won't be difficult to understand for beginners.

I believe in learning by doing, so I'm offering a free social media content strategy template with this course so you can build a social media content strategy for your business or for your clients using what we learned.

If you're a business owner, content creator, building your personal brand, work in a marketing agency or have your own agency; this is a course not to be missed.

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Gus Younis is a marketing and social media strategist with 19 years experience in marketing including 9 in social media. 

Follow me on Twitter for the latest news and tips on marketing and social media @GusYounis.


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