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A foundational course on Social Media using a 4-part communication model & a practical 6-step implementation framework.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • 1. You will learn the fundamentals of social media communications and practical ways of using it to grow your ministry.
  • 2. You will learn how to structure your social media goals (with KPIs) and put together a team to accomplish those goals.
  • 3. You will learn how to organise your ministry resources and teaching material for social media.
  • 4. You will learn how to package your ministry content (existing and new) - video, audio and written content for social media.
  • 5. You will learn the basics of user-experience (UX) and Usability to help you make your online presence effective - website and apps.
  • 6. You will learn how to create social media campaigns and a social media calendar every month.
  • 7. You will learn how to promote your social media content overcoming existing 'noise' and 'content-overload' on social media.
  • 8. You will learn how to track what is working for you and measure the results of your social media posts and campaigns.
  • 9. You will have access to worksheets and additional resources.
  • 10. You will get introduced to 'The Connected Church Communication Model' with its 4 components.
  • 11. At the end of the course, you will understand how to implement this model in your ministry with all the 4-components being functional.
  • 12. You will learn how to use the 6-step S.P.I.R.I.T. Framework to implement the communication model.
  • 13. You will learn about some of the future trends and how to future-proof your ministry.
  • 14. At the end of the course, you will understand how social media works and have the confidence to use it for your ministry growth.

    Skills you will learn

    Advising, Communication, Confidence, Consulting, Goal Setting, Marketing, Media, Performance Measuring, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Swift, Teaching, Usability, User Experience, User Experience Design

    About this course

    Hello, I am Natchi Lazarus, your instructor.

    I am passionate about equipping the body of Christ fulfil the Great Commission using technology, digital tools and social media.

    I created this course to help you as a church leader in this smart-phone-dominated digital age get an understanding of how social media works and how you can use it to reach, connect and minister effectively to your audience.

    Through this course, I share many practical tips, workflow ideas and hands-on techniques that I have learnt and implemented personally in my 15+ years of consulting career, working with various churches, nonprofits and ministries.

    Through my book, The Connected Church, which is available on Amazon stores worldwide, 1000s of church leaders have already benefited from the S.P.I.R.I.T. framework and communication model that I have developed. Now, through this course, you have access to the framework and the model.

    Whether you are an established organisation or an individual starting your ministry, this course is designed to help you successfully implement a social media and digital ministry program, so that you can serve the people who you are called to serve, effectively, both online and offline.

    There are 6 modules or sections in this course with multiple lessons or lectures in each section.

    Module I - Introduction

    In this module, I will give you a quick introduction to the course and some tips on how to make the most of this course.

    Module II - Social Media & the Church

    In this module, we talk about the importance of using digital, online and social communication medium. We explore the evolution of a new type of audience – the connected audience, and help the reader learn the biblical basis of social media marketing and its relevance to the Great Commission.

    Module III – The Communication Model

    In this module, I introduce you to the 4-part Connected Church communication model. We lay out a broader vision of a smooth, seamless communication within the Church, as one body using social media and technology.

    Module IV – The Implementation Framework

    In this module, we move from visioning mode to action mode. We will look at a six-step S.P.I.R.I.T. framework as a practical means to implement the communication model in your ministry. This is a hands-on implementation section that examines management strategies, marketing strategies and operational details.

    Module V –  Future Trends & the Church

    In this module, we look at key future trends and how they might impact you as a ministry.

    Module VI - Future Proofing Your Ministry and Next Steps

    In this final module, we look at ways in which you can future proof your ministry and be ready for the technological and digital changes that you may encounter. We also look at some of the next steps you could take after completing this course.

    I am excited to see how you will use the content of this course to grow your ministry, spreading the Good News by serving and impacting your community.

    I will see you inside the course.

    - Natchi Lazarus


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