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Andrea Lewis

About this course

If you’ve been compromising your needs, wants and desires to please others and you’ve been waiting and hoping for things to change, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get ready to remember that you are FINE! Fabulous Independent N Elegant.

In this class you will learn:

  1. To take care of yourself that encompasses your mind-body-spirit.
  2. To pay attention to your self-critic and change the way you talk to yourself.
  3. To set healthy boundaries because you’re worth it!

With these 3 keys to empowerment you’ll be ready for your class project. You’ll determine your values to help you make decisions spontaneously and intuitively. Part 2 of the exercise you’ll write a Self-Proclaiming Declaration that emphasizes your positive traits.

Andrea supports and guides awakening women who are on the path of self-discovery and transformation and even though they’ve experienced some success with their personal growth, they still find themselves stuck in certain areas of their lives.


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