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Dandan Liu

Skills you will learn

Editing, Storytelling, Video Editing

About this course

Just learned how to edit your footage, but want to take your storytelling to the next level? 

This class is a companion course to the more technical, Power Video Editing course. While the latter course addresses the nuts and bolts of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, this course is story-based, addressing 5 essential principles you can apply to your edit to make your story more powerful. 

This course features a mini assignment for each lesson, so you can directly apply every principle to your edit. It will guide you to step back and view your film critically to make better creative revisions. 

By the end of this course, you will have a re-edited version of your work-in-progress ready to post!

These principles were learned on the field from award-winning industry film editors. 


  • How to show, not tell 
  • How to use visuals to their maximum potential
  • How to enhance continuity with sound
  • How to take advantage of close-up shots
  • How to think creatively and critically about your transitions 
  • How to refine your edit 
  • Bonus tips!


A revised version of your work-in-progress to post on the community page for review. 


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