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Louise Croft

Practical hacks to work smart not hard - get top grades at college, university, & studies without hours in the library

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Revise SMART not HARD to get the best grades possible
  • Memorise huge amounts of information without spending hours in the library
  • Learn to choose which areas are worth revision above others
  • Spend time during revision with friends and doing sports
  • Make brilliant revision notes that stick in your mind
  • Condense a whole year's worth of lectures into just a few flashcards

    Skills you will learn

    Library, Swift

    About this course

    I don't believe good grades come from putting in 100s of hours. I believe in working smart not hard, and this course will teach you how.

    This course is 100% practical, and teaches you tried and tested techniques that I used to get the top grade from the Number 1 Business School in the UK.

    We'll cover:

    • Making great revision notes
    • Memory tricks that help you learn masses of information easily
    • Making revision work for you without putting in hours of work
    • Make sure you ace exams EVERY time
    • Plenty of quick and practical hacks

    By the completion of this course you will have more free time, far less stress during exams, and get consistently better results... So what are you waiting for?

    Join today to study less and achieve more!


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