3 hours







Rob Aduna

Learn to create professional quality textures for video games with the industry standard tool, Substance Designer.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The interface of Substance Designer
  • The most commonly used shortcuts, hotkeys and functions of Substance Designer
  • The best workflow to approach node-based material creation: Height-centric material authoring
  • Understand industry standard material quality

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Professional, Video

    About this course

    Substance Designer is a revolutionary package that has changed the way video game art is being made. With such a powerful tool, the learning curve is steep and knowing where to start can be difficult.

    This online course is a comprehensive guide for the novice Substance Designer user. Learn the interface and most commonly used shortcuts. Then learn the most efficient workflow before diving deep into creating an industry standard material.

    Course Outline:

    1. Introduction to Substance Designer

      • What is Substance Designer?

      • Introduction to the Interface

    2. Create a Substance Designer Project

      • Target and Reference

      • Create a Package and Graph

      • Output Nodes

      • Ideal workflow: Height Map driven

    3. Create a Material

      • Tile Nodes

      • Damage and Weathering

      • Grout Details

      • Roughness Map

      • Base Color/Albedo

      • Exposing Parameters

      • Exporting Outputs


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