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Cai Graham

Equipping Parents and Teenagers with theTools for Navigating Adolescence

Expected learning & outcomes

Manage your anxiety with the tools you will learn on this course. Giving you the confidence to live your best life.

Skills you will learn

Confidence, Support

About this course

"I have suffered a great many catastrophes in my life.

Most of them never happened."

~~ Mark Twain ~~

This course is designed to help :

a ) young people understand anxiety and provides them with tools to quickly manage their panic attacks

b ) their parents better understand anxiety and provides them with techniques and ideas to support their children.

It is not a course to teach all the theory behind anxiety. It is aimed at providing practical tools that will help the individual almost at once.

Even though it’s normal to suffer anxiety to some degree - these feelings can often be devastating to kids, and anxiety can result in sleepless nights, irritability or short temper, lack of confidence, disruption at home, attention seeking, social withdrawal, or poor appetite, comfort eating and snacking.  This course will help.


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