5 hours



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Stuart Haden

21 ten minute videos guiding you through the process of being bullet proof & increasing personal energy, flow, vitality

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Hack the seven secrets of personal energy on a daily basis
  • Develop resilience and remain ‘bulletproof’
  • Increase levels of personal energy by at least 25%
  • Achieve flow states (high performance) more regularly
  • Have more vitality for life, work and relationships
  • Improve overall well being

    Skills you will learn

    Coaching, Physiology

    About this course

    This course focuses on harnessing your personal energy (by at least 25%) by tapping into your energy sources and increasing vitality, flow and well being for you and for others. Putting fuel in your tank and being bulletproof = DRIVE. Rather than adding new content the exercises will guide you through the process of of increasing your personal energy. Exercises that you can complete time and time again until you master them.

    This course can easily boost your energy by if you need to…

    1) Develop physical resilience to continuously evolve during turbulent times? PHYSIOLOGY

    2) Tap into emotions that increase the level of passion for what you do? PASSION

    3) Broaden your mind to new possibilities? PSYCHOLOGY

    We all have five recognised energy sources – soul, body, heart, mind and spirit. You will learn to master these energy sources on a daily basis. We need the energy to come into our system and for it to be released. Breathing in and out for vitality. If the energy is coming IN, we intend to use it for our own wellbeing. If we send energy OUT, we intend it to be utilised by someone else.

    I am a qualified coach/facilitator with Energy Diamond who offer some of the best profiling tools (that this course promotes) I have ever seen as they bring together energy psychology techniques from the East with life and business coaching from the West.

    My programmes work closely with your needs so that In a given time period you can make sure that you complete conscious tasks that boost your energy under all 5 energy sources. I utilise presentations and supplementary reading so that you can get the best results possible.


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