1 hour






Guide To Becoming A Light Worker - Level 1

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Practical understanding of spiritual light work.
  • Fundamental understanding of Reiki as a balancing modality.
  • You will know the answer to: "What Is A Spiritual Light Worker?"
  • Working knowledge of the chakras.
  • Working knowledge of the affirmations.
  • Meditations designed to support spiritual awakening and light work.

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Support

    About this course

    In this course we’ll look at using spiritual light work to upgrade your life and to create balance as a light worker. I’ll provide tips on producing a valuable and practical light work routine to build your mind life as a light worker.

    We’ll go over how to define light work; and provide enhance your daily routines and provide as much relaxation time as possible.

    I’ll also show you how to cleanse your chakras for daily living; recharge your energy; and i’ll even divulge some of the top insights that I’ve learned over the years.

    We’ll be covering all these aspects of beginner light work and creating balance on your light worker journey through meditation; Reiki; as well as plenty other tips and techniques for you to live your best life and attract your desires.


    Let’s get started with upgrading your life through 'The Art of Spiritual Light Work.'

    Benefits of Light Work:

    • Creates Deep Relaxation 

    • Dissolves Energy Blocks

    • Promotes Peace and Balance

    • Provides Safe Space 

    • Promotes Self Care and Self Love 


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