1 hour



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Toshendra Sharma

Understand basics of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), their working in Blockchain like Ethereum

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Explain DAO to anyone easily
  • Decide if they need DAO or not for their project
  • Understand the fundamentals of DAO very well

    Skills you will learn

    Automation, Blockchain, Ethereum, Organization

    About this course

    You might have heard about Blockchain & Other Cryptocurrencies. Do you know Blockchain can run a completely automated decentralized democratic organization which will be controlled by token holders like share holders in real incorporations. 

    In this course I will teach you what is Decentralized Autonomous Organization (aka DAO) in Blockchain. Technologies like ethereum have enabled anyone create and run the DAO.

    People have created a very large DAO and managed to raise big size of funding through crowdsale. In this course we will teach you the know how of the DAO, what is DAO, how they work, how they vote, how they operate etc.

    This course is for you if you are interested in understanding whether you need a DAO or not. DO you need to make your business as a DAO or not.


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