6 hours



Any Level





Reinessa Gaming

Sam Murray

Choose the right gear, design your stream, build community, and market your stream to reach a wide audience on Twitch.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Discover how you can identify your personality as a streamer
  • Improve the overall aesthetic of your Twitch stream
  • Identify the streaming rig that best fits your budget
  • Explore the best practices when it comes to setting up your Twitch account
  • Properly use bots within your stream
  • Market yourself as a Twitch streamer
  • Discover the culture of the Twitch community

    Skills you will learn

    Accounting, Analysis, Biochemistry, Broadcasting, Budgeting, Concentration, Marketing, Organization, YouTube

    About this course

    About the Course 

    If you are an avid gamer who has a Twitch account and is looking for new, creative, and practical ways to start, build and grow your stream, then this course is for you.

    This course focuses on all aspects of live streaming on Twitch. The instructors are both streamers, content creators, and industry experts that have been in the gaming space since its inception. Whether you are a streamer that is looking for resources to take your Twitch channel and community to the next level, or just an an avid gamer with aspirations to broadcast your talents to a broader audience - this is the complete guide to Twitch streaming. 

    Throughout this course, we will be covering topics that are useful and necessary for streamers of all levels. Each section will contain lectures associated with the topic being covered, and will be accompanied by actionable activities to apply what you have learned to your own Twitch stream. 

    Course Sections:

    • Introduction to Twitch 
    • Getting Started - Setting up Your Accounts and Softwares Needed to Stream
    • Gaming PCs
    • Stream Channel Aesthetics 
    • Streaming Bots and Extensions 
    • Streaming Best Practices 
    • Marketing Your Stream
    • Communities on Twitch

    About the Instructors

    Sam "Squallmuzza" Murray
    Squallmuzza is a partnered Twitch streamer through his company Senshudotv, there is a good chance you have seen him or someone on the Senshudo stream team promoted on the front page of Twitch. Sam has personally assisted a number of streamers in getting partnered and has been part of some of the biggest streaming communities since their inception. His company, Senshudo creates systems around Twitch to provide analytics and data to help streamers grow their channels and better understand the data behind Twitch. You can go an connect your Twitch profile and each time you stream, the Senshudo dashboard will show you valuable information about your broadcast.

    Reinessa is a full time broadcaster partnered on Twitch. She began streaming in 2013 with a focus on Dota 2 content and has been partnered since June 2015. Since then she has been involved in a wide variety of gaming content creation. This has included cosplaying, YouTube highlights, weekly gaming news shows, and streaming popular competitive games and interesting indie games. She works with various organizations such as DreamHack, GinX, and Chaos to create and host written and video content. She is a BioChem PhD student in her other life


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