2 hours







Jeffrey Topp

Beginners guitar lessons for all ages covering blues and rock styles

Expected learning & outcomes

You will be able to play chords and basic lead guitar

Skills you will learn

C# programming, C++ programming, Fashion, Willing to Learn

About this course

This course is aimed at the beginner guitarist of all ages. We take it step by step from learning the basics of the instrument to playing your first chords and scales as well as some easy guitar riffs. 

Throughout the course you will learn about the different aspects of the guitar, such as the  fretboard, pick techniques, posture, fretting hand techniques, basic open chords such as G, D and C (plus many more!) as well as learning some simple scales which will enable you to play some simple riffs along to either a backing track or someone else playing with you. 

Every video lesson is informative and encouraging but delivered in a relaxed fashion which I hope you will enjoy and learn at the pace that suits you.

You will also get resources to download, such as chord charts and backing tracks which will aid your tuition.  

No experience is needed here, just a guitar and a willingness to learn and practice. So come along on a journey to unlock your musical potential and ambitions. 


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