12.5 hours







Kale Brock

The quest for optimal gut health with world leading experts.

Expected learning & outcomes

You'll walk away with a much deeper understanding of the human microbiome. You'll know how it works, why it is important and its relationship to your health!

Skills you will learn

Media, Nutrition, Research

About this course

16 leading experts present groundbreaking information on the gut and microbiome.

Hear the leading edge information that mainstream media can’t cover! Science and medicine as we know is going through one of the biggest transformations of all time thanks to the research on the microbiome!

In The Gut Healing Series, in HD high quality video interviews, we distil microbiome research into an actionable, comprehensive message for you to improve your health and wellbeing today!

The Gut Healing Series Will

- Empower individuals, regardless of previous knowledge of nutrition, to make informed gut-health decisions.

- Dispel common myths surrounding gut health on both sides of the table (complimentary & conventional medicine).

- Cover integrated, holistic approaches to common gut health ailments including digestive diseases, autoimmune conditions & more.

- Provide viewers with a common message on how they can live a life which supports the health of their gut and microbiome.


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