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Kristy Lankford

Skills you will learn

Arts, Concentration, Digital Media, Drawing, Illustration, Media, Organization, Teaching

About this course

In this 40 minute class, you will learn how to draw every state in the 50 United States from artist and teacher Kristy Lankford. These drawings can be given as holiday or Christmas gifts, framed as artwork for your home, or designed as map for a wedding or other event. The skills taught to draw each state can be used to draw other locations like the shape of a city, town, county, country, or continent. The same skills for breaking down the shape of the area and looking for different important landmarks will apply to any territory you wish to create. 

It is very trendy right now to use the map of a certain location to brand a company, illustrate in a map, or decorate a home or office. Why not learn to draw those state shapes yourself to make those art and design pieces more personal?!

Kristy Lankford is an artist and art teacher who has be making and teaching art for over 10 years. She always has at least one sketchbook with her at all times and she is sure to make something in her sketchbook every single day. For several years, she has been drawing and painting state shapes and maps for various clients across the United States. Her hand painted state shape ornaments are sold in variety of shops and online through the shop mokoandco. She paints and draws maps for weddings and as wedding gifts. Visit her Etsy shop, kristyorrillu, to see more of her hand painted items for sale.

Get a jump start on your handmade holiday gifts and start drawing some maps for the ones you love. In this class we will focus on drawing with pencil, marker, and paper, but you can use more advanced materials like watercolor, acrylic, or digital media once you have a hang of the drawing basics. 

Stretch your legs, grab your supplies, and settle in for a ride because we are going to get into the map for a journey through The Hand Drawn States of America. 

Note: If you just want to know how to draw a few of the states, you can skip to those specific states. The videos are organized alphabetically. Find the states you need and watch those first!


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