32 mins







Logan Bean

A very powerful "sticky idea" technique to ensure your viewers remember your key message.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create videos that take advantage of principles of psychology to engage viewers and ensure they remember key pieces of information
  • Understand how insights from why we laugh, and why we tell stories are powerful in creating effective videos
  • Engage with the instructor for feedback on your scripts to see how well they are implementing the Inception Power Up!

    Skills you will learn

    Feedback, Human resources, Storytelling, Video

    About this course

    Last year, the average cost of a Superbowl ad was over 5 million dollars! Thats a lot of investment going into a 30 second video! How can these huge brands confidently trust that such a little video can be worth it?

    Welcome to the big leagues of video design! The Inception Power Up is a technique developed by the author of the Make The Right Video framework and is implemented in many of the biggest commercials in the world. In this course you will learn how a combination of subtle principles in humor theory and storytelling techniques can be used to firmly implant a message into your viewers mind.

    When you have a lot riding on your video, the Inception Power Up is a powerful tool to rely on for todays video marketer.

    The Inception Power Up is a 'plug-in' to the Make The Right Video Framework, though the content in this course will be extremely helpful to anyone making videos, its best consumed in context of the Make The Right Video perspective.


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