1.5 hours






Look at the Paleo Diet From the Perspective of Ayurveda, and Find Out How to Adapt It for Long-term Optimum Health

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Determine your Ayurvedic body type
  • Identify foods that are good for your body type
  • Learn the principles of the Paleo diet and its benefits
  • Review the Paleo diet from the perspective of Ayurveda
  • Adapt the Paleo diet to your body type
  • Improve the Paleo diet with Ayurvedic principles to make it more balancing
  • Neutralize anti-nutrients with Ayurvedic tips
  • Harness the power of spices to improve your digestion

    Skills you will learn

    Backup & Restore, Editing, Professional

    About this course

    Are you wondering if the Paleo diet is for you? You don’t want to start a diet that will create havoc in your body instead of improving your health. Find out if the Paleo diet is compatible with your body type and learn to modify it with Ayurvedic principles to bring you the best results.

    There are many diets out there with quite a bit of conflicting advice on what’s best for you. Most of these diets have benefits, and some drawbacks. But there isn’t one diet that benefits everyone in the long run. We are all different. We have different genetic and cultural heritage, we live in different climates, we have different mind/body types, and different metabolisms. It’s not possible for one diet to be the best for every person on the planet.

    That’s where Ayurveda comes in. Ayurveda is all about individualization. Finding out what your mind/body type is and adjusting your diet based on that. Ayurveda has been around for at least 5000 years and it has been used to create and restore balance with diet. So we are going to use this ancient, time-tested system to approach the Paleo diet.

    In this course, we are not only hoping to give you useful information, we also hope to entertain you. We recorded this course in a studio with a professional video crew to ensure high quality picture and sound. We also paid attention to the editing and used a combination of high quality video, images, and colorful, animated slides to illustrate the information. We, at Healthy Happy n Wise, strive to provide an enjoyable learning experience.


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