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Walt Dombrowski

Skills you will learn

PHP, Troubleshooting, Video, WordPress

About this course

Just like a builder or a mechanic needs tools to do their jobs, so do developers.  In Volume 1 of The WordPress Toolbox we review a dozen different common problems in WordPress and then we show you how to solve them step by step.  In this volume we cover a wide range of subject areas such as: Woocommerce, PHP, Bots, User Identification, Troubleshooting and Child Themes.

Volume 1 - Class List
1) The White Screen of Death
2) Blocking indexing bots
3) Child theme - style.css
4) Child theme - functions.php
5) Child theme - screenshot.png
6) Display the ID of the current user
7) Display the role of the current user
8) PHP Date formats
9) Embedding a video in a page or post
10) Creating a cart percentage coupon in Woocommerce
11) Creating a specific product coupon in Woocommerce
12) Changing the text of the Add To Cart button

This is Volume 1 in a long series of Toolbox videos.  Come check it out.


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