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KC Tan

Grab over 40 simple and quick tools to help you to boost your online productivity and get more done online every day!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn to use the right tools to accomplish your online tasks more efficiently and quickly!
  • Save money by using free quality tools taught in this course!
  • Save time every day by learning how to optimize your computer and workflow with the right habits.
  • Increase their productivity and get more done every day!

    Skills you will learn

    Active Listening, Goal Setting, Listening, Marketing, Support, Swift, Web Development

    About this course

    Do you have too many things to get done online but too little time?

    THEN THIS IS THE ONE COURSE YOU NEED TO HELP YOU GET MORE DONE WITH LESS ONLINE! – Join more than 1,000 students in 'Work Less, Earn More: Tools & Hacks for Online Entrepreneurs'!


    "Never before have I been motivated to write a course review after just one lesson, but KC has blown my socks off already. The only reason I bought the course is that I know KC's style to be "to the point", without fluff and flannel, and I guessed he'd have something worth listening to. Wow! Does he ever! Right out of the gate. Brill." – Chris Gooden


    Do you find yourself working long hours on most days but still feel like you haven't accomplished much?

    Or do you get so bogged down by minor tasks that you do not have enough time to get your important tasks done?

    If you are looking for answers, here's what you might be missing out:

    • You are not using the most effective tool to accomplish your task

    • You may not have the right habits to support your online marketing activities

    • You may not have an optimized computer and browser!

    Instead of getting a simple task done in five minutes, you're taking ten!

    Remember, if you want to be a productive entrepreneur, you need to find LEVERAGE.

    The good news is, there are smart tools and hacks that can help you to save time on the seemingly daunting tasks that you've been wrestling with all this time!

    Whether it is sending emails faster, finding images to use for your communications or creating webpages, you can count on this course to be your essential step-by-step toolkit to accelerate your success in online entrepreneurship!

    With the new tools and hacks that you learn from this course, you will be able to efficiently capitalize on the opportunities of online businesses and get more done online every day!



    Get live access to NEW and UPDATED content at zero additional charge after enrolling in this course. This course will be regularly updated to bring you the latest tips and information!


    This course is my lifetime collection of tools, hacks and habits that will enable you to become a more productive online entrepreneur.

    These tools and methods have enabled me to achieve much more than would otherwise be possible in my online entrepreneurship journey and now you will learn them all in this course!

    Here is how you will benefit from this practical course:

    • Get to your online goals with greater ease and speed

    • Free up more time by cutting down the time needed to accomplish your online tasks

    • Save money by leveraging free quality tools to get your job done

    • Nail down all your online tasks with greater efficiency than getting frustrated over them!


    "I love this course - it has so much great content and ways for me to save time and effort in my day-to-day business. KC presents in a direct way with lots of visual examples. Thanks very much for an excellent course!"

    – Jim Peinkofer


    In this course, you will get instant access to a specific set of tools, hacks, and habits that you can use to ramp up your productivity immediately and get more done online every day!

    The tools and tips are organized into 7 sections with more than 40 detailed step by step video lessons that teach you how to use and apply them to your daily routine:

    1.  Success Habits - Learn the top 10 habits that are essential for you to start the day with great momentum! These habits are the reason why I can make money online with minimum investment!

    2.  Graphics - Learn how to do the most common tasks relating to graphics and images in your website using these free tools!

    3.  Web Development and Monetization - Learn techniques and tools to get your website and important features up and running in no time!

    4.  Online Marketing - Learn creative tools and ways to market your product and services to your target audience!

    5.  Outsourcing - Discover who are the trusted partners that I delegate specific tasks to!

    6.  Clean & Optimize Your Computer System - Learn my recommended tools to clean and free up your computer space. You will definitely experience an improvement in speed after using these FREE tools!

    7. Even More Tools & Tips - Learn even more great tips to help you get more done with less!

    Most importantly, help is around when you get stuck or experience challenges along the way. Because upon becoming a student of this course, you will receive continuous support from me! You can post questions in the course and I will be happy to share my advice with you based on my years of practical experiences.

    Are you excited to start experiencing the enjoyment of working more efficiently than you've ever been?

    Getting yourself enrolled is easy. Just click on the 'Add to Cart/Buy Now' button on top and I look forward to see you on the other side!


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