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Christine Baker

Create the building blocks of your business model, avoid common mistakes, create products that sell profitably

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Identify whether your business idea is viable (and produce an objective analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Identify your entrepreneurial ‘sweet-spot’ to ensure that your business idea fulfils your passion, purpose and profitability goals
  • Work out how well-prepared you are to start your business
  • Create a road map for your business idea using a Business Model template
  • See the big picture of your business clearly before you go into daily operations
  • Predict and prevent the usual obstacles that lead to business failure
  • Create a product prototype to take to market
  • Launch your products with the confidence that they are likely to sell

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, Confidence, Entrepreneurial, Goal Setting, Partnerships, Profitability

    About this course

    Want to start the business of your dreams?

    • Thinking of starting a business but don't know where to start?
    • Overwhelmed by the choices you have to make?
    • Worried that your business idea may not make any money?
    • Recovering from a bad business start-up experience and wanting to get it right this time?
    • Struggling to get your product to market?
    • Scared that someone else will steal your great business idea?
    • Wondering whether to go it alone, but nervous about trusting a business partner?
    Who Is This Course For?
    • Anyone, at any age with any background, who wants to fulfill their dream of starting their own business and wants to get it right first time
    • Existing entrepreneurs who have struggled and want to make a fresh start
    Course Objectives

    This 3-Part Course will help you to learn how to:

    • Create a sustainable profitable business
    • Develop a business idea and get it right first time
    • Pick yourself up from a past business failure and re-start successfully
    • Create a road-map for your business launch and to help you do the right things in the right order
    Overall Course Outline

    Part 1: How to Create the Building Blocks of Your Business

    Part 2: How to Promote and Protect Your Business Idea

    Part 3: How to Create and Build Successful Business Partnerships

    SIGN UP TODAY TO PART 1 - How to Create the Building Blocks of Your Business


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