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J. A. Whye

The widgets library (buttons, scrolling lists, etc.) can be used for both games and business apps in Corona SDK.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Use widgets to create business-type apps in Corona SDK.
  • Use the widgets to make your Corona SDK game development faster and easier.

    Skills you will learn

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    About this course

    Buttons, checkboxes, scrolling lists — those are all examples of widgets.

    While widgets are always used in business-type apps, some of them are often used in games as well.

    This video course shows how to use the widgets in Corona SDK. And while most of the videos show use in a business-type app, they're created the exact same way in a game.

    Corona SDK is the best framework I've found for quickly creating 2D mobile games. With the creation of their widget library a while back it became possible to create business-type apps as well.

    I've chosen to use Corona for both games and business apps because every bit of skill I gain with one will help me out immediately in the other.

    (Promo picture courtesy Joseph Morris via flickr CC2.0)


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