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Robin Poppenberg

Skills you will learn

Concentration, Customer Relations, Lecturing, Marketing, Organization, Presentation, Presentation skills, Research, Strategy, Testing, User Experience Design

About this course

In a "Prezi-like" Presentation, you will learn for eg. how to:

  • simplify and structure your content,
  • highlight elements effectively,
  • focus on your visitors needs,
  • get to know your customers better!

Main Topics:

  • 01 Definition
  • 02 Groundwork (Who? / What?)
  • 03 Research / Strategy (Why?)
  • 04 UX-Design-Principles (How?)
  • 05 Testing (When? / Where?)

Example - Screenshots:




More Details:
We will look into some UX-Design Principles for great Customer relations. You will get tons of little tips of how to focus on your visitors / customers / users in an effective way.

The most important principle is probably to understand and to use the concept of solving specific problems of specific user-types.

You “get” visitors because they want something, themselves being fully aware of it or not. You are suppose to give them an instant release of their “pain” because of a specific need. It’s all about emotions! May it be an article to read about "Product-XY", the ability to order it easily, just to see some videos about it, or to look at some pictures about the new “toy” you want to have so badly...

There are a lot of use-cases for these strategies, I am aiming mostly for Online Marketing as it is a powerful way to connect with an audience. This Class might be a little theoretical for now, but in the following Parts I will go into more detail of how to use these principles on your products or in your work. I am aiming to give you a good overview of what to focus on and why while believing that you need that for your job that you want to improve your skills, your product or your website.

In this Class for example I’ll try to give you answers to your questions of how to present yourself, your company and most importantly your products. I will argue a lot that less is more, while giving you a lot (I admit maybe too many) of ideas, of how to make your products more effectively using UX-Design-Principles. I hope you will get a much better understanding of how effective, efficient and satisfying customer-interaction could look like.


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