4 hours







Yarin Goren

Learn how to take your video content production to the next level, while using professional gear and editing suites.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to not only capture, but also create, high quality video to create a professional video production. You will learn how to write a storyline, and how to translate it into the digital media by creating quality video content.
  • How to manage video production - beginning to end
  • To work and understand Adobe After Effects CC.
  • To work in Advanced level with Adobe Premier Pro CC.
  • How to Properly light a scene
  • How to properly write a script
  • How to use pro cinematography gear

    Skills you will learn

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Animation, Digital Media, Editing, Filmmaking, Media, Organization, Production management, Professional, Video

    About this course

    Hello! My name is Yarin Goren, and I am excited to introduce my Advanced Video Course. If you are just on the beginning of your journey, I would recommend enrolling for my Basic video course, however, if you have already completed the basic course, or you are an intermediate level filmmaker who wants to take your knowledge to the next level, you have come to the right place.

    In this course I will talk about cinematography, animation, special effects, and just as importantly, how to make a real business out of your video production company.

    Today, it’s possible to capture high quality images with your own cell phone in minutes. Owning a camera and having the basic ability to cut and manipulate footage is not enough today. In order to stand out, you need to have the best creative ideas, a wild imagination, basic design and animation abilities, a useful knowledge of after effects, and the skills to use high end gear.

    This course will cover all of the above, as well as additional topics.

    So, if you are ready to take a step into the professional world of filmmakers, there is no better time to sign up for this course! 



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