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Laurence Kim

How to Price Your Wedding Photography And Optimize Your Packages For Maximum Profit

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create wedding packages that work
  • Avoid getting "bargained down" with every wedding booking
  • Build effective price lists
  • Know (not just guess) how to set their starting price
  • Price albums to encourage add-on sales
  • Sell more album packages
  • Know when (and how) to increase prices

    Skills you will learn

    Costing, Lenses, Marketing, Photography, Pricing

    About this course

    Are you satisfied with the money you're making with wedding photography?

    Are you sure your pricing is working?

    Here's the bad news: the average wedding photographer leaves $500 to $1,500 on the table with every single wedding by improperly pricing themselves.

    Now for the good news: you can make back that lost income almost overnight. And that's without improving your current website, portfolio, marketing, etc. All it takes is some thought and an hour on a word processor.

    I spent 15 years in sales and marketing before I launched my photography business in 2006. Unlike most photographers - who are obsessed with cameras, lenses and photography technique - I have always been obsessed with business. From day one I was experimenting with marketing, pricing and sales to find out how to make the most money I possibly could with wedding photography.

    Using this system I went from earning $0 on my first wedding to averaging over $5,000 per wedding within my first 2 years in business.

    In this course I will show you exactly how to lay out your pricing. You'll learn:

    • the 10 most important principles for wedding pricing success
    • how to set your starting price
    • when and how to raise (or lower) your prices
    • how to build wedding packages that work
    • how to sell more album packages
    • how to make sure you don't get "bargained down" with every single wedding
    • how to handle down-payments and refunds
    There's no fluff and no padding in this course. It's not a minute longer than it needs to be for you to learn the system. I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire pricing process. Nothing will be left to guesswork.And if you have any questions that are not answered in the course, I'll be there to answer them in the discussion section of the course. Every wedding you book without using the methods in this course is costing you money! So don't delay and please enroll now.


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