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How to beautifully style your wedding with the budget you have

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Have confidence in styling your own wedding or helping direct the styling of a clients wedding.
  • Have confidence with managing your wedding styling budget you have to get more of what you want.

    Skills you will learn

    Budgeting, Confidence, Costing, Planning, Professional, Research, Styling, Support, Video

    About this course

    Excited about styling your wedding? Yet your eyes are bulging from as all the costs add up?

    This is for you my friends.  I give you my top save on styling strategies within the following videos:

    VIDEO 1: Saving you money from the start

    VIDEO 2: Creating your styling concept

    VIDEO 3: Costing out your concept

    VIDEO 4: Sticking to your style (round 1)

    VIDEO 5: Sticking to your style (round 2)

    I remember during my own wedding planning I had to do mOUNTains of research just to figure out a starting point (soz industry friends for all the emails!). Future hubby and I came to learn what all couples before us had, and all couples coming after us would: everything costs way more than you feel it should. Especially when it comes to wedding styling.

    Cut to me starting my own wedding planning business and I continued to see this as a sticking point for couples when they’re just starting out. It’s made even more difficult when so many conversations on ‘how to save money’ are based on the black and white view of ‘doing it ourselves is the only way to save’. 

    Well, here for you is a free five part video series where I give you tips to Save on Styling that apply whether you’re going the DIY or the Professional route.

    You’ll hear such gems as:

    • how to get around the cake cutting fees and still have stylish wedding cake

    • how choosing statement pieces can help your budget AND really make your heart sing (because that’s the whole point right?)

    • one tweak to your furniture hire that could help you pocket AUD$1,100 in savings   

    Don’t worry, I show you how to stick to your style and still save!

    PLUS receive five dollar by dollar breakdowns of real wedding budgets, so you can see from the start how all the costs really start to add up.

    If you’d love professional insight on how to get what you really want while spending less, than join me here.

    Please note: after 8 years I am no longer working in the wedding industry, and WILL NOT be available for any individual contact or advice on your particular circumstance when you join this program. You receive the thoroughly developed materials only. I have poured all I can into these Wedding Planning Masterclass programs, with the intention to serve you as best I could. Please take all these materials, use your best judgement, and lean on as much support of family, friends and professionals that you can.

    Because I believe your wedding is a unique time for intense love, optimism and hope. And I believe if you are better informed and better prepared you will have a more joyful wedding planning experience.

    And more joy in the world is a good thing.


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